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The Lincolnshire Film Archive (Registered Charity No. 1000394) was set up in 1986 to locate and preserve motion film showing life and work in all parts of the County (including what was South Humberside). This web site includes the Latest LFA News, Information about the Archive, Contact details, and most importantly, up-to-date Listings of all motion picture held at the Lincolnshire Film Archive.

Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 4
Reel 4, ‘The Way Ahead’, is the latest in this exciting series and covers the early 1950s. With the ending of wartime restrictions, film once again became available to the enthusiastic cinematographer. In this DVD we see film of the bad winter of 1946-7, the first post-war Royal Show, the Festival of Britain, the humber ferry, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and the 1953 east coast floods. Plus much more fascinating motion picture film. Find out more...

Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 3
Volume Three in the series covers the war years. In spite of the difficulties and wartime shortages, local film makers managed to produce a detailed record of this dramatic period in Lincolnshire’s history. Drawing on their film material, this DVD covers the period from the last desperate months of peace, right through to the Victory celebrations of 1945. Find out more....

LC2Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 2
Volume Two covers the decade leading up to the Second World War. With the availability of smaller, easy to use cine cameras, many more people were now recording their lives on film, Lincolnshire life seems to have been largely unaffected by the political and economic problems of the 1930s. Find out more....

Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 1
The Lincolnshire Film Archive has launched a major new series of DVDs showing life and work in the historic county throughout the 20thCentury. Drawing on its extensive motion picture collection, much of it never before made available for home viewing, the film archive has set out to present a wide-ranging picture of a hundred years of Lincolnshire life. Find out more....

Access to the Film Archive
We are sorry, but for copyright and other legal reasons, we cannot supply copies of individual items in the Archive to members of the public. (Professional clients, please see Contact details.)

However, most items in the main Listings may be viewed by anyone at our premises on request. Viewing is by appointment only, and for not more than two people at a time. For larger groups, clubs, societies, etc, we can present a film show at your own venue. If you are intetested in booking a film show then please view our information leaflet (word document). To enquire further please ring 01205 750055.

Highlights from many of the items in the main Listings are featured in our Archive Video Compilations. These are on sale to the public, and this will often be your easiest means of access to our material. For up-to-date list of videos and details of how to order, see www.primetimevideo.co.uk. To enquire which items in the main Listings appear in the videos, please ring 01205 750055.

Please do not confuse the list of video compilations with the main Catalogue of individual items in the Archive.


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