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The Lincolnshire Film Archive currently hold over 700 archive listings. Titles are listed in numerical order by Accession number, twenty listings per page. The technical details include the gauge of the original, or, in certain cases, of the Lincolnshire Film Archive master material. See Notes about Archive Film, below, before viewing listings.

001-020 || 021-040 || 041-060 || 061-080
081-100 || 101-120 || 121-140 || 141-160
161-180 || 181-200 || 201-220 || 221-240
241-260 || 261-280 || 281-300 || 301-320
321-340 || 341-360 || 361-380 || 381-400
401-420 || 421-440 || 441-460 || 461-480
481-500 || 501-520 || 521-540 || 541-560
561-580 || 581-600
|| 601-620 || 621-640
|| 661-680 || 681-700 || 701-720
721-740 || 741-760

You can locate any film titles by place name. They are listed alphabetically beginning with A/B listings. Or you can search the archives via Production Dates given below.

A-B || C-G || H-L || M-S || S-W

1901-1935 || 1936-1945 || 1946-1955
1956-1965 || 1966-1974 || 1975-1988

Notes about Archive Film

Sound films: Where a title is listed as Sound*, or Snd*, the asterisk indicates that the soundtrack is in some way non-standard, (i.e., it is not an optical or magnetic track running at 24 fps.) E.g., the track might be on quarter-inch magnetic tape, or the film might run at 16 fps.

Running times: These are only approximate. In any case, speeds for projection and video transfer are not identical. Precise footages are obtainable on application.

Research items: Certain titles are listed as being for Research only. Whilst the content of these is of potential value to people with an interest in the subject matter, the material is technically unsuitable for public showing or professional use.

Reserve Collections: These consist of unsorted, unidentified, or widely diverse material which cannot easily be classified under title headings, but which nevertheless contains much that is of interest.

Background material: For many titles, LFA holds useful supporting items, typically newspaper cuttings, souvenir programmes, or researched background information. Some stills (frame enlargements) are also held.

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